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    My 15 yr. old is gradually accepting that she must wear her diaper and rubber panty under her dresses, esp. now she knows you and others must too.
    Amy Winehouse's diaper dress
    It felt exhilarating to walk through the mall wearing a huge adult diaper under her dress. Nobody knew, Nobody could know. Often in private she would masturbate wearing diapers.
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    my best friend brittany just made her first communion this past may and wore a pampers style diaper under her communion dress with tights over it.
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    The troubled singer was wearing what appeared to be a diaper under her flowery dress when she went to visit her jailed husband Blake Fielder-Civil at London's Pentonville Prison on.
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    It has been charged that in the Catholic Church, when a young lady is confirmed or baptized, she must wear a diaper under her communion dress to symbolize purity, and that some.
    Amy Winehouse's diaper dress
    ... sometimes 3T dresses that don't come with diaper covers. A have a few pairs of shorts she can wear under the dresses. I just stick soft cotton shorts on my DD under her dresses.
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    Here we see this cute baby girl just enjoying herself being a big adult baby and we all agree she is so cute with her diaper under her dress. AdultBaby Baby Sitter
    cloth diapers and plastic pants under.
    ... bathrooms in sight, say at the pictures location, a diaper would have seemed to be the next best thing. So one wedding I did the bride actually did wear a diaper under her dress.
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    Someone said: my daughter made her first communion as a teen[15] due to family problems and health issues.i did the cloth diaper and rubber pants on her under her dress.she looked.
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    i am the mom of an 8 year daughter and she made her first communion last may i did a cloth diaper and rubber pants under her dress.i made her communion diaper fron infant diapers.
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    But the reason i am posting a question is,she heard about this wedding diaper for her to wear under her wedding dress for me. I cant seem to find anything on the computer other.
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    The legend is propagated as a fantasy of many fetishists, as male fetishists are attracted to the idea of a bride wearing a diaper under her dress, and female fetishists are.
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    Amy Winehouse is reportedly using diapers. The troubled singer was wearing what appeared to be a diaper under her flowery dress when she went to visit her jailed husband Blake.
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    I came over to watch her 3 nights ago, and her mother and I were sitting in the living room, when Jenny came in with a stinky diaper under her dress.
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    Kitty ( diapered under her short skirt, as usual) asked Daddy. After putting the dress and pinafore onto Kitty, Daisy then helps her to put a frilly diaper cover on over her bulging.